Coffeeops at Gophercon Day 1

My day started with some collaborative community over coffee at the Starbucks in the conference hotel. Our topics of conversation included:

  • Challenges of parenting and finding time for community/conference participation
  • The abstractions of infrastructure of code from chef to terraform
  • Path to development (Gophercon being a gateway to a dev career)
  • Language association paired to roles (i.e., network engineering and Python)
  • Challenges of siloing job responsibility (test and dev) and value of ‘devops’ community/collaboration to repair disconnects
  • IDEs, beyond vim (visual studio code extensions for the win)
  • The value (and cost!) to expressing being a newbie (or saying I don’t know) as a senior engineer

If you’re interested in joining me Thursday morning at 8am for more discussions, let me know on the #gophercon channel.