Resetting a 2016 Surface Pro

This past week I attended GopherCon 2019 in San Diego. I’m going to write up my experience in a separate post, suffice it to say it was a fantastic experience. I 💯 recommend GopherCon even as a Go-newbie.

Microsoft had a cool booth with space for completing one of the Go labs, a space to charge your devices while chatting, and a demo station. This picture is pre-conference and shows some of these areas.

In the lab area there were several Surface 2’s set up.

People could run through one of the labs to obtain the special edition towel.

My co-worker Aaron, ran this lab for the whole conference helping so many folks. I felt very blocked with my lack in skill with working with Windows even though the lab is mostly driven using VS Code and Docker.

I have a 2016 Surface Pro that I never really used (due to Frankie and changing jobs). I learned from Aaron that there is an option to refresh a Surface directly on the system which will save me a ton of time compared to waiting for updates.

Today, I’ve done a “fresh start” on my Surface. This starts the system fresh with an up-to-date installation of Windows. While I’m writing this post on my Mac, in the next few weeks I’ll start exploring and using my Surface again (and trying out the Azure Sphere!)