Talk Descriptions

The Ops in Serverless

A function is deployed and alerts go off. When our intrepid site reliability engineer responds to the change in availability, she begins the task of debugging and implementing new tests to catch the issue in future deployments. While the nature and complexity of computing changes, the need for specialized operations engineering skills increases.

In this talk, we examine the role of Operations, how it has evolved with the advent of new compute paradigms and what the future looks like. We’ll examine the serverless platform in three critical areas of operational readiness of testing, monitoring, and debugging.

DevOps: Now and to the Future

It’s been a decade of devops, how has it shaped our industry and where are we going next? In this talk, we’ll take a look at the evolution of software tools and impact on devops in the last 10 years and our path to the future. We’ll cover key skills and practices that are the bedrock to effective devops within organizations.

Topics include:

  • DevOps and SRE, what’s the difference?
  • Do we need DevOps with Serverless?
  • How do security, testers, and other engineers impact devops?

Prioritizing Trust while Creating Applications

Managing risk needs to scale as your product grows in popularity and complexity. In traditional software development, often security was treated as a last gating factor at best and post-incident concern at worst. How do we shift our security processes left - in other words, earlier in the development lifecycle? The cost of applying security practices too late can be catastrophic to a company, leading to the loss of customer trust and affecting the bottom line.

Join me in this session to learn how to leverage security tools and recommended practices to enable everyone to play a part in securing your application from discovery to operation of your application.